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We're dedicated to fighting for the rights of air travellers, ensuring a fair outcome and the compensation they deserve.
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How did it all start
Fly Fairly was conceived during a pivotal moment in the life of our founder, Alex, as he prepared to relocate and begin a new chapter in a different country. His journey, however, was fraught with hurdles, beginning with a delayed flight, missed connections, and an eventual arrival that was several hours overdue.
After investing countless hours into research and engaging in a strenuous battle with the airline, Alex eventually managed to secure the compensation that was rightfully his. The ordeal revealed to him the complexities of attaining justice in such situations, prompting him to establish Fly Fairly. Our mission? To fight for justice for all delayed air travelers.
Alex Yardley
We aim to take the complexity out of the compensation process, providing our customers with the peace of mind that their claim is in safe hands.
Founder, CEO
FlyFairly fights for passengers’ rights. Justice for delayed air travelers.